If you believe what you see on television, the only way to have a ghostly encounter is to stumble around in the dark through a mouldy old house, lugging equipment and hoping for a tiny glimpse of paranormal activity.  It was not always so.  People once gathered in homes or public places, both modest and elegant, to wonder at the mysteries of the spirit world and see if it was possible to make contact.

Some people still do.

Imagine sitting by candle-light after a delicious dinner.  Saul Ravencraft, has prepared you with what you need to know and do.  The shadows leap about on the faces of your friends, each waiting and listening.  Everything has been arranged.  Will you receive a sign?  Will the spirits visit and make themselves known?  Will they know you?

You can experience Séance Theatre as a private event, or request an invitation to one of our group gatherings where you’ll meet other curious seekers.  Due to the nature of Séance Theatre, we must limit participation to no more than twelve people.

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While burgling a home, the thief took a moment to see to his mortal needs in the family toilet. Perhaps he thought it would be funny to leave this little token of his esteem as he robbed them but it backfired on him big-time. According to the Ventura County Star, police used DNA from this specimen to match a suspect. 42-year-old Andrew David Jenson was arrested on suspicion of committing a burglary.

When mama taught you to flush she was looking out for everyone, including you. Word to the wise, evildoers: Your poop will find you!

The video tells the story. or you can read the original on the news web site.


I deal with a lot of different perspectives on health… from people who are diligently devoted to modern medical practices to people who are folk practitioners. This one gave me a surprise, though…

Cannibals Arrested in Florida Claim Eating Human Flesh Cures Diabetes and Depression


photos of the alleged cannibals

62-year-old William Provost, 51-year-old Dennis Ratcliff, and 36-year-old Michael Dore are accused of eating people for medicinal purposes

According to the Miami Gazette, police found three men who had been practicing ritual cannibalism to self-treat diabetes and depression. It appears they have been doing this for some time, targeting homeless people who would not be easily missed.

Police were responding to a noise complaint and arrived to find the stereo blaring the Enya song, Only Time.

So, just to be clear. I’m OK if your personal medical practices lean toward use of herbs and such, unless you are playing shake-and-bake with your fellow humans.

I spend a good deal of time at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. I’m also a regular participant in the Austin Horror Society, and have just begun hosting my own monthly horror film events, Ravencraft’s Vault of Horror. So, I appreciate the kind of passion that goes into creating something like the Munster Mansion in Waxahachie, Texas.

This incredible home belongs to Sandra and Charles McKee, and is the result of Sandra’s passion for the 1960’s TV show, The Munsters, and the utter devotion Charles has to his wife. The building is a realization of what 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I say realization, because there was not real model of this home. It existed as sets on the TV show. Sandra watched the shows again and again to design the blueprint. She used the paces of Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo) to determine the scale. What resulted is nothing short of incredible. You can see the painstaking detail in their gallery, but the pictures do no justice to what it’s like to actually be there.

On October 21-22, 2016, they had their open house. This is a big charity event where they give tours and have entertainment and activities. The rest of the year this is their private home and is not open to the public. I shared a stage with Merlin the Wise, who I work with at Sherwood Forest Faire. Merlin entertained with his family-friendly magic and I did… weirder stuff. 🙂

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. If you ever get the chance to visit in person I highly recommend it. Here are some glimpses of my view of it all.

Amazing recreation of the Dragula from the show

Where Pat Priest (Marilyn) met fans

Pat Priest was an incredible trooper, meeting hundreds of fans and being so kind and sweet to everyone the whole night.

Our stage

All set up and ready to begin

I got to met and chat with horror actor Jim O’Rear

Carnival lights and rides

Games and fun

Animal rescue

Eager volunteers

Rick the Fire Breather

Rick is just amazing!

Amazing Munster mobile by night. That engine was serious! Chuck revved it up several times during the night.

Merlin, delighting families with his magic

Merlin before stunned crowds

My weird collection of stuff

Sharing the giant spider

Can you believe this was the first time some had seen a shrunken head?

The costume contest!

Me after the first night!

The Weekly World News was always the best and they did not disappoint with this macabre article from December 2004 announcing that the United Nations was busily canceling Christmas after Santa’s body was found frozen, floating in a block of ice.

Children are devastated as the news reaches them. Damn! That’s dark stuff!

As it turns out, this was good news, according to psychologists. It will help break the kids from their greed. See the whole article in the Google archive.

I don’t know what happened after. Was this all a case of mistaken identity? Was there a cover-up, and Santa has been replaced by an impostor, run by the government, or the toy corporations?

Let us all take a moment to remember. We miss you, Santa.

Regardless of your political leanings you were likely surprised by various things in yesterday’s election. I was too. Then I looked back to the numbers that I did in January about the election and it was all there.

For January I wrote an article where I used numerology to project out various things about 2016. I ran numbers for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

379px-bernie_sandersAt that time it showed that Bernie Sanders had a good chance to win, but it required him to stick with his base in a mode of collaboration and not give into the machine. Sanders moved his energy from that base to supporting the party choice. Had he drawn on his support and continued his original path there is a good chance he would be president now.

donald_trump_sr-_at_citizens_united_freedom_summit_in_greenville_south_carolina_may_2015_by_michael_vadon_13Trump’s numbers showed him to be a likely winner, especially against Clinton. At the time I used the word “destiny,” which is a good description of how it played out. Paired with Sanders, Trump’s energy would have been very different. Paired with Clinton he had a clear advantage unless her supporters put in a tremendous amount of work and energy.

The numbers don’t write things in stone. They describe the energies that are needed to make things happen, how the work needs to be done. In this case, everything seemed to follow the path of least resistance.

pay-530338_1920I did not follow up on the numbers as the campaign continued. It wasn’t something that I was actively discussing with people and I had honestly forgotten that I’d even done this. In the past, I’ve not been big on doing public predictions. I use the numbers for more personal things rather than projecting out world events. You can bet that I’m going to be paying a lot more attention the the upcoming numbers and sharing what I can.

Now that this path is defined, we can still apply our own energies to how it will affect us and our personal goals. It’s an exercise in balance. If you want to know more about your own numbers reach out and we’ll see what energy is surrounding you.

Poster for In Search of with pictures of exotic landscapes and a profile of Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy hosted this pioneering series that offered “possible explanations” for strange phenomena

My paranormal entertainment is a theatrical exploration of the weird stuff that they used to show on In Search Of. (Now that was a reality show! Unsolved Mysteries later went in a similar direction.) Ghosts, legends, monsters, powers of magick and of the mind, bizarre artifacts… These fascinating ideas are there, waiting to be explored and experienced. I realized that all of these things I had been exploring were interesting to people who weren’t necessarily ready to go down the rabbit hole themselves.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. People who dig into these things enjoy them. Many of the Victorians who participated in séances did them because the were enormously entertaining. That’s how my sincere interests evolved into this unusual style of interactive entertainment. We play. We try. I get to strengthen my own skills at connecting, but a number of others connect strongly as well. It’s all intended as a show, but stuff comes up.

Probably the most dramatic moments happen when we are doing thought experiments. I will have people think of a person and try to get impressions of that person. Sometimes I just get impressions. Sometimes I get all the way to a name. More often than I expect, someone will decide to think of someone they know who has passed on. Occasionally it will be someone who has passed quite recently. As the impressions come through this can be a very emotional moment for all of us. When it first happened it really alarmed me. They were crying. My heart was racing. Other people in the room weren’t sure what to think. Then they thanked me. Their love and concern for this person was so strong and they were happy that I was able to share it with them.

Stylized drawing of a blue outline of a person's head with a glowing blue brainDuring some of the intuition games I play, where someone in the audience attempts to reach out, the person playing will sometimes make a very strong connection. Usually we are working with objects, trying to get them to tune into something specific. Most people do better than the expect because I create conditions for them to open up in spite of themselves. A few seem to have some strong natural abilities. Sometimes they don’t even know. I always hope that they become more curious and start to explore their intuition.

When exploring these idea, even when it’s just for fun, there is always the possibility (maybe even a probability) that we will connect with real things amongst the stories, the theater, and the games. That is why I always treat my entertainment with the same respect that I do any sincere probing into the magickal and spiritual world. I use the same techniques to ground and clear myself and the performance space. As a result, our connections are joyful and fun, and we don’t bring up anything that will follow you home!

Just a reminder that I am booking private events for October and beyond. If you want to take your friends down the rabbit hole we can make it happen. Contact me with your event and we’ll make something special for you.