9/13/2012 – Open lines, divination and live readings

Tune in with Saul Ravencraft for a fascinating discussion of the world of the weird.  Tonight Saul will be talking about divination techniques and performing live readings for people on the air.  This is your chance to call in for a brief reading.

Divination is the age-old art of using symbols and systems such as numerology, Tarot cards, pendulums and more to find hidden information.  It is a key tool for a magickal practitioner and a great way to explore the strange, odd and unusual yourself.  “Doc” will spend the show talking about divination and will perform brief, live readings over the phone for a few callers.  If you would like to get on the list, send an email to enquire@docravencraft.com.

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News of the weird

These stories of the strange odd and unusual provided by Steve Busti at the Museum of the Weird.

Next program: Nate Riddle

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