9/20/2012 – Nate Riddle and Lone Star Spooks

Tune in with Saul Ravencraft for a fascinating discussion of the world of the weird with special guests and your live phone calls.  Nate Riddle joins us to talk about his experiences tracking ghosts and hauntings in Texas as he wrote “Lone Star Spooks” (available to purchase in the Outpost store).

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Father Andrew Calder died today

Father Andrew Calder, a practising exorcist who was a guest on our predecessor, The Shadow Hour, passed through the veil this afternoon.  He was a passionate warrior, fighting a true battle of good versus evil.  Fr. Calder succumbed to complications of illness which he had been suffering for some time.  You can listen to the archives of his programs.

We will observe a few moments of silence in this broadcast in honor of this remarkable man.

News of the weird

These stories of the strange odd and unusual provided by Steve Busti at the Museum of the Weird.

More about Nate

Nate Riddle is a native Texan fascinated with ghosts.  Among his heroes are Ronald Reagan, Batman and his grandfather.  He lives in North Texas with his lovely wife Lindsay and is the world’s biggest Castlevania fan.

In Lone Star Spooks, Nate invites readers along for a spooky and engaging  journey into the realm of the paranormal. Join him as he brings a unique anthropological perspective to the topic of ghosts and hauntings where  you’ll be introduced to a variety of interesting concepts, questions and people that will help form or possibly re-shape your opinion of ghosts.

Keep up with Nate through his web site, lonestarspooks.com.  You can also follow him on  Facebook  or on  Twitter .

Nate will be signing his book on October 28 at the Barnes & Noble in Hurst, TX.  Be sure and stop by if you’re in the area.

Next program: Open lines and live readings with Saul Ravencraft

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