1/2/2013 – Robert Bartholomew on the Champlain Monster

Saul Ravencraft welcomes Robert Bartholomew to talk about the mysterious Champlain Monster.  Loch Ness doesn’t have the monopoly on lake monsters.  A number of strange creatures have been seen throughout the world, including a number of documented accounts from Lake Champlain (in Vermont and New York).

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News of the weird

These stories of the strange odd and unusual provided by Steve Busti at the Museum of the Weird.

  • Enormous wall of sand hits Australian coast
    Check out these amazing photos coming out of Australia today.  They depict an enormous wall of dust and sand carried by a cyclone as it approaches the coast of northwestern Australia. These are not Photoshopped, folks. Just another reminder of the power and grandeur of mother nature. These truly awe-inspiring pictures depict a category-three cyclone as
  • Giant squid filmed alive for the first time
    For the first time ever, we finally have video footage of a live giant squid in its natural habitat, deep in the ocean’s abyss. The footage, which will air on a future Discovery Channel special, was captured by a film crew approximately 3,000 feet down in the Northern Pacific Ocean. According to Richard Ellis,
  • Is this a photo of a grounded alien craft?
    Could the above photo be that of an actual landed alien spacecraft?  So claims a witness in Texas who filed a report with MUFON on January 5, 2013. In the report the person alleges his father works for an oil company in Cotulla, Texas, and goes on to explain: “…They had noticed that some people
  • Senator has angelic visitation following stroke
    Each year, millions of people worldwide report what has commonly become known as Near-Death Experiences, or NDEs. Add Illinois Senator Mark Kirk to that growing list of people who claim to have had an otherworldly experience with what they can only describe as angels. For Mark Kirk, there was no white light, no tunnel. What

More about Robert Bartholomew

Robert Bartholomew is a native New Yorker who grew up on a farm in the Adirondack Mountains; he is currently teaching history at Botany College near Auckland, New Zealand. He is a medical sociologist who holds a PhD from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. He has published over sixty articles in peer-reviewed journals including the British Medical Journal, Medical Journal of Australia, The Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, and The International Journal of Social Psychiatry. He is the co-author of The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior (2009) with the late Hilary Evans. Benigno Aguirre, Professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware calls it “An extraordinary compilation… spread over many countries on all continents, encompassing a time span of centuries. It is, without any doubt, the most ambitious undertaking of its sort, with entries ranging from the Children’s Crusades to the Chilean Martian Panic, from Cyber Ghost Scares to the Popish Plot…” Describing himself as a sympathetic skeptic who requires a body or DNA evidence as absolute proof for the existence of Bigfoot, Champ or ETs, he has co-authored Bigfoot in New York and New England: Documented Evidence Stranger Than Fiction (Hancock House 2008) with his brother, Bigfoot researcher Paul Bartholomew. A former university instructor and researcher, he has lived with the Malay people in Malaysia and taught Aborigines in Outback Australia. He was a journalist for several New York State radio stations, including WGY, Schenectady, one of the largest stations in the United States. He has been interviewed in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today,Smithsonian Magazine, The New Yorker, and on the History Channel.

His home town is proud of his work, as you can see in this article: Whitehall native pens history of Lake Champlain monster

Purchase Robert’s book, The Untold Story of Champ: A Social History of America’s Loch Ness Monster, now through the Journey Outpost store.

Next program: animal psychic, Elizabeth Martindale

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