12/13/2012 – Jonathan Maxwell, hoaxes and skeptics

Tune in with Saul Ravencraft and David Marsh for a conversation about skepticism with Jonathan Maxwell.  Jonathan found how a lack of skepticism can cause a great deal of confusion and embarrassment when he researched his book “Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes”.  Saul recalls science text books which still listed the Piltdown man as a link in the evolutionary chain, even though it was a hoax.

We’ll discuss the nature of these kinds of deceptions.  Are they always intentional?  What is “healthy skepticism”?  How do we pursue interests in the paranormal without becoming cynical about it?

Catch the broadcast live at 8:30 PM Central Time and call in with your comments and questions. We record each show so if you miss it you can hear the podcast.

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More about Jonathan

Jonathan Maxwell is a Georgia-based author, editor, and critic. Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes, his second book, is a lighthearted examination of scientific frauds through history, such as the Minnesota Iceman Hoax.  You can purchase it now in the Journey Outpost.  Jonathan’s first book, Murderous Intellectuals, explores why so many well-educated professionals willingly joined the Nazi SS, the notorious group that spearheaded the Holocaust.

Maxwell holds a BA in English from Berry College, along with a psychology minor. In addition, he possesses a Paralegal Certificate. He is currently in the Master’s of English program at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Aside from reading and writing, the author enjoys cinema, dining-out, cycling, and going to the beach.

Next program:  Doc and David talk about the end of the world as we know it.

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