1/17/2013 – Jeff Danelek on spirituality.

Author, Jeff Denelek, returns to the program to talk about something more personal: spirituality. There is no doubt that the world is changing in a variety of ways.  How we relate to spirit may make more difference to us now than any technological or political development.

Also, please send out your prayers for co-host David Marsh who was recently ill and then had to travel for a death in his family. He’ll be back, but his having a bad time of it right now.

Catch the broadcast live at 8:30 PM Central Time and call in with your comments and questions. Each show is recorded so if you miss it you can hear the podcast.

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More about Jeff

Many are familiar with Jeff Danelek’s writing on the paranormal, but he has also done a good deal of research and writing into spirituality. His web site, quest4spirit.org, includes his own essays as well as links to a number of other areas on various beliefs, reincarnation and more.

Of course, for more conventional paranormal fare you can see his site, ourcuriousworld.com.

Next program: Robert Bartholomew on the Champlain Monster

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