10/25/2012 – Leeanne Hammack and GMO foods

Tune in with Saul Ravencraft and David Marsh for a conversation with  certified health coach, Leeanne Hammack.  She is a vegan who supports consumption of organic foods,but she is not here to make converts.  Leeanne feels there are serious concerns with Genetically Modified Organisms.  She will be sharing some of her own research into the matter and discussing how we can learn more for ourselves and select alternatives if we choose.

Catch the broadcast live at 8:30 PM Central Time and call in with your comments and questions. Each show is recorded so if you miss it you can hear the podcast.

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More about GMO

Check out Leeanne’s new blog, Organic Vegan Simplicity. You can also follow her on Twitter .

If you are concerned about modified foods, here is a non-GMO shopping guide.  You can also find alternatives in the Non-GMO Project.

Read more about claims against Monsanto at organicconsumers.org.

The video, Genitc Roulette, will be freely available until October 31.

Next program: David and Doc discuss speaking with the dead

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