10/18/2012 – Becki Hawkins on death and dying

Tune in with Saul Ravencraft and David Marsh for a discussion with hospice nurse, Becki Hawkins, on death and dying.  There is a lot of controversy about what causes hauntings.  One of the theories is that deaths that are violent or filled with fear create these circumstances.  With that in mind how people approach the end of their life and how we care for them in their final days should matter a great deal.

Saul will discuss Becki’s experiences and thoughts on the matter.  Few of us see death in person.  This is an important episode that may change your views on some things.  It really brings it all down to the human issues.

Catch the broadcast live at 8:30 PM Central Time and call in with your comments and questions. Each show is recorded so if you miss it you can hear the podcast.

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More about Becki

See Becki’s web site at Lady Hawk Publishing.

Cover of Becki's book Becki’s book is available for immediate purchase in the Outpost store.  Remember that purchasing from our store benefits Journey into Twilight.

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